venerdì 27 novembre 2009

Cooking with roots

It's autumn, and in autumn the best part of the plant is the root. With Paola we collected some burdock roots, a long turnip pretty hard to dig up but it is absolutely worthwhile, it is one of the few plants that is able to thoroughly cleanse the body.

We washed it and brushed it and cut it into strips.
Then we stir-fried it with some carrots, which are roots, after all :)

Burdock and carrot sautéed .... great! Burdock has a bland flavor, it slightly reminds me of licorice and once cooked is slightly sweet.
The thin roots of dandelion are very bitter just like the leaves. We chopped them and stewed them in a pan with miso and sesame oil for an hour with a lid. We used this seasoning for the brown rice.

Brown rice with dandelion root. Tastes very much like red radicchio from Treviso.

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Tom Bailey ha detto...

Your blog looks great it has quite a few vegan ideas that really helped me out. I stumbled across your blog through another blog.

Best regards.

Heikki ha detto...

Awesome, I didn't even know that burdock roots (and stalks too, it seems) are edible. Something to hunt for next fall...

Your dandelion recipe was very intriguing as well, I've never tried cooking dandelion roots.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife ha detto...

Wow, the burdock looks so amazing! I had a bunch in Japan recently and it was delicious!

Anonimo ha detto...

first catch your hare, then cook him........................................

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