venerdì 29 giugno 2007

Re-Usable Baby Wipes

Where are all our eco-friendly old handkerchiefs?
I was determined not to use disposable baby wipes for my baby, or anyway to use them sparingly (only when I was out for example) For two reasons:
I don't like the idea of washing my baby's bottom with chemical detergents and leaving them on with no rinsing.
I don't like disposables. I am trying to recycle everything and babywipes go in the "mix bin" because they can't be recycled.
So I made myself about 30 cotton baby wipes ( 30 x 20 cm. ) cut in rectangular shapes. I find them very handy: I keep them near, i take one and I rinse it in warm water, clean my baby and throw it in the basket. I don't use soap more than once a day and my baby has never had nappy rash. I use these cloths also when the baby is messing about with food, water, milk...(if you're a mum you'll know what I mean) So I don't need to buy kitchen Paper. I use them once and then I wash them at 90° C. hottest temperature if necessary. I really cannot count how many kitchen paper rolls and baby wipes I have spared. And these are Trees!

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