lunedì 30 aprile 2007

Fresh Fruit Cake

This is a fresh fruit cake we eat in the spring, and this vegan version with absolutely no eggs or dairy tastes just as good.

flour 250 gr.
margarine 100 gr.
sugar 100 gr.
a small glass of milk (rice, soja...)
pinch of salt
grated zest of two lemons
pich of bicarbonate (or rising agent, but it not essential)

a glass of cous cous
4 spoons sugar
grated zest of two lemons

Fruit, kanten (or agar agar) for the jelly that goes on top to keep the fruit in place
apple juice or water

> Lets make the pastry. Put all ingredients except the milk in a large bowl and combine with both hands. Add enough milk to form a nice ball, keep it in the fridge or cool place while you prepare the rest. If you accidentally add too much milk, add a bit of flour to balance the dough.
> Lets make the custard: Boil the cous cous and the lemon zest in a lot of water. The idea is to 'overcook' the cous cous, add the sugar and blend it with a food processor to make a cream. Set aside to cool.
> Tiriamo fuori dal frigo la nostra pallotta e con questa foderiamo il fondo e il bordo di un bello stampo da torta. La pasta dovrebbe essere alta più o meno 1 cm. e mezzo, a seconda dei gusti. Inforniamo a 180° C fino a quando non avrà un bel colore dorato in superficie, più o meno per 20 minuti.
> When the pastry has cooled down add a thick layer of custard and place the fruit on top as you like (strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, bananas, grapes...)
> Lets make the jelly: melt a spoon of kanten powder in 250 gr. of water, boil slowly for 15 minutes. The jelly will appear liquid, don't worry, it will become a jelly when it cools down.
If you want to be sure just put one or two drops on the table, let it cool and watch, if it's jelly, you can add it evenly on top of the fruit cake.
> Keep it in the fridge al least for half an hour before serving .... mmmmmm!!!
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