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Eco-friendly Washable Nappies

Why should I use washable nappies for my baby?

The environment
We throw away eight million disposable nappies every day in the UK alone and in their production they use the wood pulp from four and a half trees per baby. A cupful of crude oil is used to produce the plastic for just one disposable nappy!
These nappies can take up to 500 years to bio-degrade and are filling up landfill sites all over the country.
Save money
You can save between £700 and £800 by using washable nappies - more if you have more than one child.
Healthier for your baby
Paediatricians suggest that new born babies should be changed 10-12 times per day, and older babies about six times. Infrequent changes are a causal factor of nappy rash with any nappy type.
Doctors and midwives also say it’s better for the baby to use real nappies as they are bigger and bulkier and they ensure good hip bone development.
Easy to use
Modern cloth nappies are shaped, fitted and self-fastening (with Velcro or popper fastenings). They come in a variety of styles, patterns and sizes and can be a fun part of your baby's wardrobe.
Home washing is simple
No need to soak or boil - this wastes water and energy
Nappies can be washed at 60 degrees centigrade
Biodegradable nappy liners can be used inside a cloth nappy - simply lift the liner out and flush it down the loo.

I think the best option is Kushies All-in-one, They come in two sizes: from 0 to 10 Kg. and from 10 Kg. onwards. I bought 10 nappies of each size and I manage washing any other day. If you want to wash less frequently just buy more nappies.
See me while I change my baby Tommaso, 10 months old, with Kushies All-in-one (big size, 10 Kg. onwards).

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