mercoledì 21 novembre 2007

Fried Tofu with Pumpkin seeds

I use one or two packages of firm tofu. Cut in two triangles and then slice each triangle in 4 thin slices. Then I marinate the tofu in soy sauce for an hour at least, otherwise it doesn't go brown inside. I make a light batter using white flour and half water mixed with half beer. A pinch of salt. I dip the thin triangles in the batter then coat evenly with breadcrumbs and pumpkin seeds. I fry in sesame oil until golden. Add more salt as they cool and dry on a clean cloth (I never use kitchen paper, it's trees!).... Enjoy! This Tofu is very crispy and you could use other seeds as well - sesame seeds, sunflower seeds...)

giovedì 8 novembre 2007

venerdì 2 novembre 2007

My shower and animal testing...

Animal tests are not necessary to save the lives of humans, would I die if I chose Weleda shampoo instead of a Procter and Gamble Shampoo? Some companies still test on animals, some don't. So all we have to do is watch out for these, read the full list at
In the photo you can see Weleda, Lavera, Argital, and Aleppo soap.
Stay away from:
Colgate-Palmolive Co.
Johnson & Johnson
Procter & Gamble (hidden under the names: Max Factor, Noxell, Cover Girl, Pantene, Crest, Gillette, Iams...)
Reckitt Benckiser (hidden under the names: Easy Off, Lysol, Mop & Glo, Old English, Resolve, Veet, Woolite...)

Please note that Revlon and Avon Cosmetics no longer test on animals after the release of investigations.

[Cosmetic testing on animals is used to gain inaccurate results to legally market potentially dangerous products, as animals re-act completely differently from chemicals than we do, faulty results can be achieved - this is why some companies prefer to use them, despite the fact they are more expensive, but they're inaccurate so when they hurt someone because they sold a dangerous product that they didn't test accurately, they don't get their ass' sued off and they can blame their research. But cosmetic animal tests have been replaced by cheaper, safer and more accurate tests that won't gain faulty results.]
Urban Vegan suggests:
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