martedì 19 giugno 2007

Piadina Party!

I think this is a great idea for a Veg Party because there is very little to do, it fills everyone's tummy very well and you can prepare in advance so you can enjoy yourself rather than messing about in the kitchen while your friends are relaxing and enjoying themselves in the other room.
Basically there are plenty of Piadinas, or pita bread (flat white bread), and every guest can fill it with all sorts of nice things, for example:
Crusty Seitan and toasted almonds
Heat the pan with a very little oil and soy sauce, cook the seitan until it becomes dry. Toast the almond flakes on their own before adding them to the seitan.

Tofu with sesame seeds
Just plain tofu chunks, same as seitan but with the sesame seeds.

Cucumber, red cabbage and carrots

Tzatziki Sauce with soy yogurt, mint and plenty of garlic
Yogurt, salt, chopped mint leaves and one/two cloves of garlic finely chopped. Keep it in the fridge, serve it cool, it's nice with cucumber.

Spring Onion Sauce
This is my recipe, I love spring onions!
2/3 soy yogurt and 1/3 mayonese (no eggs!), I use Plamil's,

I missed Falafel, i ate them before taking the pictures, sorry!
Keep the piadina, seitan, the tofu and the falafel in a warm oven until guests arrive. Keep the sauces and the veggies in the fridge, good luck

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Monika K ha detto...

What a fantastic idea for a party - I can't wait to give it a try. Maybe throw in some homemade margaritas... Love the blog, keep it coming! (-:

tippitappi ha detto...

ciao Monika, thank you for visiting my blog! what are margaritas? I never heard of them... I took a look at your blog, you did quite a lot of travelling hei??!!

Monika K ha detto...

A margarita is a delicious mixed drink that uses tequila, orange liqueur (triple sec), and lime juice. The best ratio is 3:2:1. Shake and strain that into a glass with or without ice. The sweet orange liqueur should be all the sweetness a true Margarita needs.

You might be able to find one in Italy in an american or hispanic (Mexican or latin american) restaurant - if you have any there. In Heidelberg we have a "Hard Rock Cafe" right down the street and they serve american cocktails.

Bonnie ha detto...

Great ideas! And beautiful presentation. I especially love the first photo, it's so fresh. I've had pita with falafel often, but never seitan. Did you make the seitan yourself?

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