venerdì 14 settembre 2007

Zucca alla menta - Pumpkin with mint

I used to hate pumpkin and I used to hate mint with savoury foods, now I absolutely adore it.
It was my friend Francesca Davoli that once cooked it for me and I've always made it ever since especially at this time of the year. Oh by the way Francesca is a home stylist, you can see her work here

This is what it looks like before going into the oven

And this is what it's like just out of the oven, quite crispy this time, notice how much the pieces have shrunk!
This is a simple but rather nice recipe, trust me!

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urban vegan ha detto...

Nice use of pumpkin and mint. Makes the thought of autumn more bearable.

Yes, I'm a writer--I've written 11 kids' books, worked on a travel book and have writtten magazine articles. And yes, sadly, I am 42. Thanks for your nice words, Makes being my age seem a little nicer.

Your t-shirts are gorgeous--I may order one!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife ha detto...

It's funny you mention your dislike of pumpkin & mint, that was my 1st thought when I read this! It sounds like I may be pleasantly surprised though.

VeggieGirl ha detto...

oooh, I absolutely LOVE pumpkin - I never thought to serve it with mint! this looks incredible!

springsandwells ha detto...

mmm. buona!
I've never had the zucca-mint combination, but I'll give it a try. Also, I tagged you on my blog... check it out!


Peace, Love and Veganism ha detto...

Love this post! Just love fall the pumpkins and all things autumn. Last fall, we visited the White Pig in Charlottesville, VA. You should go there if you ever come to the US! The best vegan B&B ever :) Saw that Global Warming green poster in my latest issue of VegNews or Vegetarian Times and am planning on ripping it out and posting it during October - Vegetarian Awareness Month!

Meg Wolff ha detto...

Yummy, pumpkin and mint sounds delicious! It's almost pumpkin time here.

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