lunedì 17 settembre 2007


Amey from Vegan Eats and Treats tagged me for a meme, this is my first meme, I don't want to let you down with this, but I'm not too clever, sorry!

Too many words in tippitappi, although my real name is Jenni Shortt (I have an english name because my father is English, my mum is Italian :)
I'm not not good at this, I told you!
P is for... no I won't say it
P again???
I love vegan food and all vegan people! (Although I once met a vegan girl at VegFestival in Torino called Monica, she was absolutely horrible, unkind and rude to me, I hate her.)
T like, my new job!
A lot of imagination... I'm gifted, I know
I love you all!

thank you Amey for my first meme! :)
Ps: on the photo you can see my sweet friend Gazelle, the nicest and calmest horse I've ever met. She lives with my boyfriend's cousin in the mountains, in France. In a beautiful place, he sleeps in a caravan with no electricity, no phone, no heating... ahh it's incredible! I want to go again, it's so wild! :)

4 commenti:

springsandwells ha detto...

I love the picture... what a sweet horse. Living in the mountains with no electricity?? wow!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife ha detto...

Gorgeous horse!

Amy ha detto...

Ha, I just did this meme myself! Love the beautiful horse.

Anardana ha detto...

You should make soy bacon yourself- that's what I did!
ps-cool shirts!

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