mercoledì 26 settembre 2007

My Vegan Tshirts

Hi again, my vegan online store has been open for two months now and is not going too bad. I sold mainly in Italy, Us and Australia. My tshirts will also be soon sold at an online store based in the Uk that sells organic and it's so exciting!
I also donated several tshirts to animal rights associations like AgireOra (italian), VivereVegan (italian), and PETA.

My thirts cost 30 euros but I offer a free worldwide shipping. It is high quality 100% organic cotton and not thin; it sometimens happen when you buy online, that you end up with a very thin tshirt. It's not my case, my tshirts are made of thick natural cotton.
I never had a complaint so far, so that's good! :)))
Ok, enough now, back to the kitchen!
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