domenica 16 settembre 2007

Homemade Herbal Teas

I found a nice recipe for homemade fruit and herbal teas, that is, natural with no artificial flavourings but with the real taste and goodness of real herbs and fruits. I actually copied the recipe from a nice italian brand of organic teas in bottles called Achillea (see here). The secret is to mix nice herbs like Rosa Canina, it's the red fruit of the wild rose or hybiscus flowers, or any herb you like with other herbs like Raspberry flowers or other healing herbs, make an infusion and use concentrated apple juice as a sweetener. Raspberry leaves are very good for children, they are very rich in minerals and vitamins and also they help to reduce fever. Rosa Canina is a bomb of vitamin C. In Italy we have Erboristeria, which is a shop that sells loose herbs and a trained person that will tell you what herbs are best for you. That's where I go. Adding the apple juice is a good way to make it taste nice, because some teas are sometimes too herby! :)
These teas are excellent cold in the summer.
Ps: A lot of herbs can be picked in the wild and dried at home, like mint, thyme, lemongrass, vervain... It's free and so exciting!

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urban vegan ha detto...

I adore herbal teas. Mint is my favorite.

When I cook dinner, I usually sip on a glass of wine, but I'd be better off sipping some herbal tea.

Theresa ha detto...

Tea with apple juice sounds like an ingenius idea. I love making mint tea with fresh mint picked straight from the garden, mixed with black or green tea or by itself. I just love mint :)

derek moore ha detto...

I saw a good article on how to make your own herbal tea bags. check it out at

buy lipton tea ha detto...

So brilliant idea i like this i will try this thank you so much.


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