venerdì 30 aprile 2010

Screen printing

It's not a strawberry jam :-) it's the oekotex colour I have used to print my little owl, or barn owl.

This is the screen for Recycle and Re-Use Tshirt.

Me at work.

you can buy my tshirt on

giovedì 8 aprile 2010

lunedì 22 marzo 2010


I am proud to announce that I am now the new chef editor of VeganWiz, a vegan community dedicated to vegan food. It's new, you are all invited to take a peep. Everybody can join and make comments plus, if you are a vegan cook, you can become a chef, create your profile and add your recipes. Unfortunately is wasn't my idea :) VeganWiz is the English version of VeganBlog, an italian community with over 250 italian chefs. There's also a french and spanish version.
See you there!!!

mercoledì 3 marzo 2010

Go check my italian blog, you can now traslate it into English and other languages with automatic Google translator.... More recipes!

Delicious Pumpkin and Azuki Bean Soup

Ingredients 3 / 4 servings:

1 kilo of pumpkin
2 cloves garlic chopped
1 teaspoon thyme (or rosemary)
sesame oil or sunflower
whole salt

1 cup azuki beans
1 liter and a half of water
whole salt

1 tablespoon shoyu (optional)

Boil azuki beans in a pressure cooker with water and salt.
In a frying pan with a lid put the shredded pumpkin, minced garlic, olive oil, salt and thyme
over a low heat. Cook 20 minutes until everything is soft. Ok here we go. Blend together the contents of the two pots reserving a few pieces of pumpkin and a few spoonfuls of cooked azuki beans to be added later just before serving. Enjoy!

Azuki Bean

giovedì 18 febbraio 2010

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